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Status: Realised
Area: 270m2
Year: 2014
Location: Athens, Greece

Two separate flat built in the 1980’s were renovated and united via an interior staircase to form a family residence. The owners were keen to transform the two flats not only into a functional and modern space but also into a  family home with a distinct character combining different materials (e.g. tiles, parquet, pebbles, wood) as well as harmoniously integrating contemporary and vintage elements throughout the space. Materials with different texture and colors were purposefully selected and carefully used in each room to enhance its functionality and reinforce each room’s unique character.

All furniture and materials used for the renovation- from painted tiles and polished parquet to tile inlays - were custom-made and procured from our specialist teams. 

The renovation of the property is defined by a high level technical process with a number of different specialists being involved. To deliver against our client needs high standards and short-time frames, KN Group carefully selected and project managed a number of skilled architects, engineers and craftsmen from start to finish.


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Architectural Design: Point Supreme

Mural: Theoharis Costas