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The "IXI" office building in Moschato Athens, hosts on the 1st floor the multinational telephone service company KIKxxl, which chose this space as its first headquarters in Greece. The project is developed and implemented after the radical renovation of the existing structure and its transformation into a functionally "smart", environmentally "friendly" and aesthetically modern office space, by KN Group _ Design that works according to LEED certification standards. 

Τhe special characteristic of the project was the need to accommodate two different and distinct departments of the company, the administration as well as the common areas with reception and conference rooms on the same plan.

Upon entering the office space, we come across contrasts in both materials and colors. The earthy and calm palette is followed by 2 paths with a strong color complementary difference, one leading to a production area and the other to the administration area. According to the different movements in the space, we translate each different function, route, or use into another color / materiality and integrate some strong symbolic movements to create small, interesting episodes. The same concept is applied to the production areas, where we find a relationship between materials, volumes and textures that create a warm feeling. Furthermore, the two departments interact with each other, as they have contrasting color palettes with references from one to the other, while the small break areas formed inside them function as a common ground.

Taking advantage of the continuous openings with considerable height on all sides of the building, we create an intimate and friendly indoor environment for the tenants by raising the perimeter of the floor in a way that allows visual escapes in every direction. Furthermore, the space created enhances privacy and soundproofing between the production areas but allows light to diffuse into the central common area with different gestures and materialities.

The uses and functions of the space are also defined by different levels created. The different levels distinguish the functions more distinctly but also serve to create a theatrical scenery within the building. The user's experience through space is divided into 2 levels, sometimes obvious and sometimes not so much, to achieve the element of surprise.

The KN Group team, true to its design principles, delivered a comfortable and warm space, designed according to the needs of employees, and environmental standards, with a modern design and strong elements of contemporary aesthetics that attracts the user, serve its corporate goals and is part of its development strategy.


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