Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 4.380m2
Year: 2017
Location: Athens, Greece

Part of ENA campus, the Asia building is hosting high technology firms of gaming, sound and vision. Designing the interior and surrounding area of the building KN Group aimed to promote a sense of balance with the old and the new, tradition and modern co-existing harmoniously together. A strong characteristic of today’s Asian living.

Objects like metal chairs and tables, electronic games and screens, bold graphics and neon lights are incorporated in the design in ways that play with the industrial and modern feel of the space.
In parallel traditional elements like hand painted wooden dolls, custom made fabric lanterns, a reflexology path and melodic wind chime activate the senses and offer relaxation to visitors and employees.
Teleperformance Hellas was awarded in 2019 the Best Large Outsourcing Partnership with Canon Europe at ECCCSA® award, whose operations are hosted at Asia building.