Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 500m2
Year: 2020
Location: Piraeus, Greece

PPP2D is part of the Piraeus Port Plaza, the ambitious development project for the regeneration of Piraeus which consists of three city blocks with a total plot area of 17.841 sqm and total buildable area 77.050 sqm. Sited where the old emblematic factory of "Papastratos" stands even today, PPP2D is a listed, three-story building from 1910-1920 and the Papastratos family once lived in it. The building is also known as “Villa Mercouri” named after the legendary actress and Minister of Culture and Sports in Greece, Melina Mercouri, who also lived in it for a while.

It is located in the same building block of City Block 129 in Piraeus, with the building PPPE (former lithograph) and the newly erected building PPP2Z.

KN Group was commissioned by Teleperformance Greece the layout design of the interiors based on the needs and specifications of the company. Also, to ensure quality, the company assigned to KN Group the high supervision and final receipt of the project. During the construction, weekly autopsies were performed and the work schedule was monitored. Due to the special character of the building, the reconstruction proceeded on the basis of specific terms set by the Ministry of Culture.


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Photography: George Sfakianakis

Development Consultant: DIMAND S.A.