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Status: Realised
Area: 15.923m2
Year: 2020
Location: Piraeus, Greece

KN Group is proud to be part of one of the key and ambitious development projects for the regeneration of Piraeus. Piraeus Port Plaza consists of three city blocks with a total plot area of 17.841 sqm and total buildable area 77.050 sqm.

PPP3 (Piraeus Port Plaza 3) is part of the project and consists of 4 individual buildings in City Block 139 Piraeus, Greece, where the old emblematic factory of "Papastratos" stands, even today.

The “Papastratos” factory is being completely rebuilt. Through the courtyard, everyone will meet the 4 buildings that make up the complex and which as a whole, are being reformed to be converted mainly into modern office spaces, shops and an above-ground parking lot.
KN Group was engaged by the tenant to consult during the prelease period and produce the layout design of the two Buildings B (area 9.035 m2) & D (area 6.888 m2) using its workplace strategy expertise.


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Development Consultant: DIMAND S.A.
Architectural Design: 3SK - Stylianidis Architects
Structural Design: P.Panagiotopoulos & Associates
Construction: ΕΛΙΝ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ ΑΤΕ
Leed Consultant: DCarbon