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Status: Realised
Area: 730m2
Year: 2019
Location: Santorini, Greece

Located in Mesa Gonia Episkopis Gonia, Santorini, a traditional village famous for the vineyards, YAP &VAP is a family run complex of four holiday apartments, offering self-catering accommodation of high standards. All interior and exterior spaces are carefully designed with respect to the environment and references to local architecture. The apartments are fully equipped providing all the necessary facilities to feel like home, including air-condition and free wi-fi to all areas. The location offers the ideal spot for peaceful relaxation, enjoying calmness under the sun. It was especially selected in order to be far from the hustle and bustle of the major overcrowded touristic areas offering the perfect background for relaxing and refreshing vacations.

 All apartments have private yards and verandas so that visitors can enjoy full privacy during their vacations. Plants and trees surround beautifully YAP&VAP, referring to the traditional “calathounes” a basket of vines surrounding the seed to protect it from the high temperatures during the summer months, but also from the strong winds. Needless to say the green providing natural shade and an amazing green scenery to all the apartments under the cicadas songs. Furthermore, all apartments offer wonderful views of the Aegean sea.



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