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Status: Realised
Area: Buildable 18.628m2 , Plot area 10.000m2
Year: 2016 - 2020
Location: Athens, Greece

KN Group is proud to present ENA – the first of its kind working campus in Athens, Greece – comprised of 6 buildings that represent the 6 continents of our planet. In full capacity ENA opens its doors to 3,400 people, 91 nationalities and 35 languages creating a truly multi-cultural and inspiring place to work where all employees come together to work and communicate united as “ENA”, as ONE!

ENA campus has been awarded the Big See Architecture Award 2023.

On behalf of our client - Telepeformance Hellas – a leading provider in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management – KN Group not only engineered and designed a modern or state of the art workplace but it also handled all aspects of this complex project balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders (e.g. site owner, architect, suppliers, client and end-user).

Also, tapping on the expertise of KN Group’s own brand specialists, design and branding have been deployed synergistically. By balancing design, choice of materials and print finish, utilising colour, form and texture contrast, and utilizing well light, structure and space KN Group ensured that multiple brands coexist in concert while they maintain their own brand identify.


ENA is much more than just a standard working place. Translating different cultures to modern design, each building is carefully designed to bring to life the architecture and life of the continent it represents (Africa, Asia, America, Antarctica, Oceania, Europe) and houses ‘local’ restaurants, canteens and recreational spaces that provide employees with a unique opportunity to discover different cultures, images, tastes and traditions during a typical working day.

Drawing from our Greek heritage and our long-standing value of Greek hospitality, when designing ENA KN Group wanted to create a campus that not only brings people together for work, but also connects people outside of work. Inspired by Greek architecture, by Greek nature and its colors, ENA’s surrounding grounds and communal facilities (e.g. gym, open air theater, outdoors entertaining area) are carefully designed and integrated with the entire space while they offer diverse opportunities to ENA’s workforce to exercise, socialize, interact, network and relax after work.

The result is a truly unique, innovative and culturally diverse campus in the heart of Athens, that appeals to both employers and employees. ENA is not just a place where people have to be; ENA is the “ONE” place where people choose to be.

Housed in ENA and attracting some of the biggest and most respectable brands around the world, Teleperformance have been awarded as one of the best workplaces to work in Greece from Great Place to Work® .



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Concept and Branding Design: KN Group

Workplace Strategy - High Level Supervision: KN Group

Architectural Study - Supervision - Project Implementation Study: Eugenia Tsiklou

Architectural Study: Sotiris Mpletsas

Project Construction:NOE Metal Constructions S.A.

Structural Design and E/M Constructions: NOE Metal Constructions S.A.

Interior Architectural Study - Supervision - Detailed Design: KN Group

Interior Design and final Landscaping: KN Group, Andreas Nassos

Architectural Design of Break Areas K4-K5: KN Group, Point Supreme

Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis, Theodoros Τzartos, George Messaritakis