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Status: Realised
Area: 97m2
Year: 2020
Location: Athens, Greece

Having recently bought a flat in the heart of old Athens, a young family of three, Canadians of Greek and Palestinian origin, was keen to take advantage of its unique location and convert it to a modern apartment for private and commercial use. The flat was originally used as an office space and had a basic interior layout. Our civil engineers, interior design and procurement specialists all worked together to transform an office layout into a modern apartment maximizing the use of all available space. Our legal services were also deployed to handle all necessary legal processes associated with the project from the purchase of the flat to the change of land use. 

With a breathtaking view over Acropolis, Plaka and the Mpenizelos mansion and with owners of a very strong multicultural background, our principal idea for the refurbishment of the apartment was to sum up eras through design and bring together some of the most important movements in architecture and arts during the long and culturally diverse history of the city of Athens. 

Entering the house, we designed a wooden Box with multifunctional storage, placed on a Greek marble floor, which refers to the early 30’s Athenian “polykatoikia” luxurious entrances. The creation of a light construction divider in the middle of the apartment smartly separates the public spaces from the rest areas. Shapes on the divider, as the arch and the bricks create a Middle Eastern - Byzantine pattern, which correlates the apartment with the Ottoman building across the street.  

The kitchen balances the modern equipment and design with classic elements. The kitchen divider was created with patterns from old Athenian glass doors that converses with “mashrabiya”, while on the floor selected old fashion cement tiles were used. For the backsplash of the kitchen we used Greek marble shapes. The second bedroom was inspired by the traditional build in furniture with bed, which in Greek is called “sofás”. A unique unit that can turn from bed to sofa and can have a multipurpose storage spaces for the guests. The color pallet was carefully chosen to enhance the openness of the space which smoothly reflects the exterior environment in its own interior.     

The living room consists of two sides with windows lines and views of the Acropolis and the Mpenizelos mansion , across the street. The selected materials and colors work as a frame that highlights the exterior environment and create a modern main lounge, where guests can spend their time relaxing not only in the daytime but also in the night hours, feeling cosmopolitan. 


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Photography: George Sfakianakis