Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 45m2
Year: 2022
Location: Peania, Greece

The Vorres Museum is dedicated to modern Greek art and folk tradition, with its mission centered on promoting and disseminating Greek culture through diverse artistic activities. Our commission was to revitalize and extend the museum café area in order to facilitate year-round usage, while also establishing an additional leisure space adjacent to the existing bar. 

SPOLIA begins by preserving the existing materials (stone, wood, etc.) and introduces a new element in the furniture: metal, intentionally contrasting with the natural context, both indoors and outdoors. Inspired by the scattered sculptures and materials found throughout the surrounding landscape, a collection of furniture based on a flexible, custom-made system of metal, unique pieces is designed. The design proposal lies on two main elements: the waiting installations (made by forged metal) and the modular pieces (made by metal) that seamlessly plug into them. This design choice enables the construction of two distinct scenarios, adaptable to varying needs: a main, central table for corporate meetings and a series of smaller syntheses for everyday use. The assembly is carried out through a system of holes, screws, and adaptable shapes. Additionally, the design of the entrance serves as a hint and an introductory element to the unexpected interior narrative.

Considering the nature and folk content of the museum, the proposal is enhanced by the inclusion of the Tasca chair by Pedro Sottomayor and the Pine chair by Rainer Daumiller, which, in combination with our design, encapsulate the essence of a contemporary, yet traditional, Greek café.