Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 860m2
Year: 2017
Location: Athens, Greece

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation and a leading provider in the fields of professional and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. 

Red and white partitions – in line with Canon’s branding - divide the space providing working “cubicles”. In a matter of seconds, Canon’s call centre agents are surrounded by Canon’s products and “transported” in a space that brings to life Canon’s rich product history.

Furthermore, strategically situated at the centre of every floor, Canon Lab houses key products and provides easy access to Canon’s call centre agents who want to become more familiar with the offerings they support. Often times, Canon’s agents use the Canon Lab space while on customer calls so they can interact with Canon’s products; doing so enables them to experience in real-time client issues and provide accurate, step-by step guidance delivering high quality calls.