Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 2300m2
Year: 2019
Location: Athens, Greece

We were tasked with the office design for an iconic technology company, renowned around the world for its outstanding, interactive and flexible office spaces.

The mission was challenging but clear for our team of experts. The building had already its own brand identity reflecting the vibrant images of African culture. We chose to adapt probably the most well-known corporate ID to the building theme and at the same time keep the multipurpose and playful character of the workspace. For this reason, we created four different approaches for every single distinctive office space.

On the ground floor, inspired from the colorful custom-made rope objects made in Africa and the triangle shapes used in different patterns, we placed at the center of the space a colorful installation with free seating spaces underneath it.

In another approach an impressive structure, inspired by traditional African house construction techniques and materials, gives the space a playful and inclusive character. A “Hey Google” space enhance the branding effect.

On the second floor, we incorporated the existing columns of the space to custom made furniture and constructions inspired by the letters of company's Logo, creating a walking promenade and multifunctional islands. Each structure features one of the letters of company's logo and hosts bleachers, meeting room, sitting areas, private lounge, high table for quick talks or meetings and more.

At the fourth floor of Africa building inspired by the post-traditional image of African kiosk, a multiform pavilion is placed at the center of the floor. Two movable desks with board games can be set according to the needs of the team. A stone paved road with company's branding colors are placed creating an artificial path that connects space A and B of the same floor while sculptures from the company’s distinctive signs are hang from the ceiling.

Traditional African textiles and exotic plants are placed across the office areas promoting the space’s homey atmosphere and the agents’ wellbeing.