Design that works

ELAMU are bespoke rooms to rent located in the scenic town of Kalavryta and the whole logo’s objective is to be welcoming to visitors and express a modern aesthetic. The name ELAMU is inspired by a common phrase locals use to greet each other and the logo is based on the Gioni, a small species of owl, very popular locally. Furthermore, the patterns and colorings are inspired by traditional rugs called "kilimia".

For the room signs we used the names Popi, Nitsa and Koula who are real and remarkable women who possess traditional qualities of strength and wisdom paired with a unique sense of youthful humor. We combined their names with the flora of the area sideritis, louminia and symphoricarpos respectively. These plants have powerful properties just like the women they represent. For the room keys we used colorful plexiglass to add on to the modern feel.

The branding honors the whole history of Kalavryta from its traditions and people to the flora and fauna of the area.